Baby Laundry at The Greeting Farm on the 15th of May!

Hello there!

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! Were you looking for a sneak peek? Yep...I've got one for you! Today I want to show you a new stamp set that will be landing in the shop on May 15th called Baby Laundry. It's ADORABLE! It comes with both sentiments and little items you'd find in the laundry if you had a little one, plus stars and a cute little bunny and more. These little clothing items are SO fun to color but imagine them paper pieced too! I'll be doing that for a card that I'm working on, I'll show you that in the blog hop so please come back on the 15th!

You don't have babies any longer? I know, I thought that too. But THEN I remembered that even though my kids are 17 and 19, I still have some baby photos to document. THEN I remembered that my husband was just given a bunch of baby photos of his kids when they were little and THOSE need to be documented. Also, I'm redoing my husband's baby book because it's literally falling apart. Oh and I am expecting grand children! Well...not NOW but someday! lol lol So yes, even though you might not have a baby, you can find a lot of uses for this stamp. By the way, pick up the coordinating die, it's going to make your life so much easier because these onesies are little!
You're welcome. lol
Big hugs~

In case you wondered, this is my son Ryan who is now 17, in high school, driving, has a job and is a fire fighter explorer. Yet I still remember this photo shoot like it was yesterday. Time flies. It really does.


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