A new hobby....


I can cook. I can bake.  Quite well, actually. You know what I'm not that great at, however? Decorating desserts. For a very long time now I've been wanting to teach myself how to decorate cakes and cupcakes and other desserts. My desserts always TASTE amazing but obviously I want them to look appealing as well.

I decided to begin. Finally! I thought that I'd document it here, even though my blog isn't really read by more than a few people. lol But it's ok, I have somewhere to show my progress. It's for me, really. And you, if you happen to be reading this.   =)

I make some delicious chocolate cupcakes and frosting. Heavenly. I thumbed through a cupcake idea book and decided to try something that I thought wouldn't be ~too~ complicated....butterflies made out of chocolate. A simple technique is a little more complex when the decorating doesn't come naturally but I tried. They were delicious. They were sort of cute from a distance. I gave some to the neighbors,  who didn't comment on what they looked like but were happy to get the treats so I'll take that for now. In the future, however, I'm hoping for a "wow" or "OMG that's so cute, did you really do that?!" That's how it goes in my head, anyway.

Here are a few photos. Be gentle...I'm a beginner, remember.
Until the next treat!


My son said they were delicious....


  1. Oh Carol, I am reading this lol. They look great and as I mentioned on IG let them come to me. Have a nice weekend ! Hugs and a huge kiss from Abby from Belgium xxx

    1. Abby!!!! Hi!!!! lol I alwayyyyys feel like no one is ever reading this, I literally only have it because the bigger design teams require it so when I post things that are random I'm so excited when someone actually comments. Thank you, you made my day!


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