Thinning out my stock of photos....

I have a lot of photos of random projects that I want to show you and they are really starting to pile up. So are you ready for a pic~heavy post? Here we go....

I made my mother in law a chipboard mini album for Christmas. I kind of think she doesn't actually like receiving them LOL but I keep trying. Perhaps next year I'll try a less dimensional, clean and simple album and see how that goes over. I think possibly she just doesn't know what to do with these bulky treasures. I could be wrong.

This layout was really done quite a while ago. I have this app on my phone where you can take a photo of someone and morph it into something else and it just cracks me up to no end. My husband likes to do impressions do you spell his name? Gollum? The guy from Harry Potter, so I oh wait. Not Harry Potter. Ok you can tell this is not my thing. Lord of the Rings?? Maybe. Anyway, there you go.

This is more of a basic layout that I made of son doing his fire fighter explorer training. I rather liked how this one turned out. 

A little CC Designs monkey that I colored up in preparation for a pocket letter. 

And here's the coffee themed pocket letter that I made. I'm not REAL sure what the obsession is over pocket letters but I wanted to give a few a try. 

The layout below was featured on the Paper Issues blog so I was pretty thrilled. I actually didn't love that layout so much so I was surprised but still happy.  Mine is the layout on the bottom. 

This is a fairy simple layout that I made documenting our trip to Bi Rite Creamery in San Francisco.

One more pocket letter, this one featuring images from Josefina Fernandez on etsy. I love her work!

And that's all folks!

See you again soon!



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