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I was thinking to myself hm....self....you better do a blog post and catch up! I looked through my photos and yeah, I am more than a bit behind and have lots to share. However, I don't want to completely overwhelm you with photos so I just picked a few to share with you and I'll post more soon. Promise. I'm trying to get on the band wagon with this regular blog posting. It's not my fav, I have to say. I much prefer to stay on You Tube, but that's just me. http://www.youtube.com/user/onehappycraftychick

That being said, I have been crafting away like usual. Here is a card that I made for a challenge called FFF @ TheGreetingFarm.com , I used the new Miss Anya Spring set. I am trying and trying to learn how to use multiple colors while coloring hair. You know, making them look like they have amazing highlights that they probably paid $200 for, right? It doesn't come naturally to me but I'm really trying. Anyway, I also picked up some new scalloped circle dies from e bay so I used those, some flowers from my stash and a glittered word Thicker, which are my favorites! I am trying to use up my stash like crazy so I have this older paper pad that I layered up in many different ways, and even made some hand rolled flowers with the paper. (Thank you, Amador, for the rolled flower die!) http://www.youtube.com/user/Amadoreros

I recently had a giveaway on my channel and I wanted to make thank you cards for the winners. There were actually three, but the other card was different so anyway....I used a newer paper collection called Yacht Club. Who makes it? Um. I'm not sure, I want to say Carta Bella BUT if you are desperate to know, leave me a comment and I'll go look. The bubble gum machine stamp (and the die that I used to cut it out) is made by Lawn Fawn. I picked that set up recently and ohhhh my gosh am I glad that I did. It's adorable!!!

I've also been scrap booking. A lot. I actually forgot to crop this photo down but whatever, you'll forgive me. Right? Say yes. This photo is a throwback photo. My daughter is now 18 and I was feeling nostalgic scrapping this photo from when she was just five years old, in ballet class. She didn't go for the dancing, I soon discovered. She liked the outfits and she liked to go and make the girls laugh. I would watch her through the glass windows in the room that they provide for the Moms. She would jump around for a minute and then find someone glancing over her and she would make a face and they would laugh. So she would make a different face and they would laugh harder. Then she would laugh and start dancing crazy and then everyone would be cracking up. The instructor was not amused. She was very serious about her ballet and Julia....not so much. It kind of bit her in the butt during the recital when she was just sort of standing around on stage because she had no idea what everyone was doing because SHE spent every day making jokes instead of learning the routines. However, it was all fine with me. She was meeting people, getting dressed up in fun outfits, getting exercise...she has the memories. 

I really like the wood veneer ballerinas that I colored and used Stickles to add sparkle. That silver frame is wood as well, I painted it with silver spray paint. The 'shine' sparkly word? That's a die from TheGreetingFarm.com , I used the "sparkle" die on that same layout as well, in the bottom right hand corner. 

This layout makes me giggle. I feel like I've shared it before but it was still in my photos so usually that means I haven't posted it yet. The story is that my husband works out of town quite often. When he leaves, he takes photos of things from his day and I do the same, then scrap book them together. It's just a way for us to feel closer when we are apart. We also FaceTime and we take crazy photos together like that, and I also enjoy texting my brother in law (who is one of the owners of the company my husband works for) and I text him little sad faces. Or if he's out of town too long I leave him mad emoji faces. It's just a fun thing I do. Fun for me. This last time, though, he was texting me sarcastic things that cracked me up, so I scrapped that too.

All right, that's enough for one day! More soon! 
And hey, feel free to leave a comment. Really. It would make my day!


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