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A layout out of my comfort zone...


Today I'm sharing with you a layout that I made yesterday. It's pretty different than what I'd normally do, which is why I wanted to show you. I feel like it's good to push yourself to change things up, use colors you wouldn't normally use, try using a sketch, do something random. This photo is of my husband sticking his face through one of those wooden signs with a hole cut out. We were in San Francisco checking out an old ship and I asked him to stick his face in so that I could take a picture and he did because he's a good sport. I have to say, he probably didn't realize this was going to be plastered all over social media but will he care? Doubt it. He's like that.

The paper that I used was this super cute MAMBI collection that I used perhaps one sheet of and set the whole stack aside. Shameful! I pulled that stack out and made a deal with it to use more paper because really, I need to use these crafty items up. You know. To make room for mor…

Utilizing my stash, whittling it down...making pretty things!

A craft stash. We all have them. Some are modest. Some are jaw dropping. Some, let's face it, make us want to call the number to the show Hoarders and nominate a buddy or two. Although I have an entire craft room filled to the brim with embellies and trims and papers....(OH THE PAPERS!!!) I still find something else I want at the store. Or online. catch my drift. A couple justifications, if I may. One, I've been on a lot of design teams over the past couple years and I received a LOT of free product because of it. Two, I get a LOT of gifts from my crafty buddies and You Tube subscribers and friends. So I didn't actually pay for all of this stuff but I still have it. I have been working really hard to try to thin out the herd a bit, so to speak. 

In my efforts to use my stash, I really dug in to it and found this Echo Park Every Day Eclectic collection. I just had to have it and yes, I bought multiples of every sheet and my collection IS getting thin, which is great…

Welcome to my blog!

Well hello there and welcome to my blog! This is my very first post and I have to say, I was SO reluctant to begin blogging again. I had deleted my last blog years ago, I suppose I was looking for a bit more instant gratification with it but it felt more like I was simply writing in a diary. Not much feedback, you know? However, after seeking some advice in a Facebook group that I belong to, I decided that I really needed a blog if I wanted to land some cushy Design Team positions for some of the bigger companies. So a blogging I will go. 

In this blog I'll be trying to cover quite a few different topics, mostly craft related. I personally enjoy mixed media, scrapbooking (both 12 x 12 and pocketed), card making and altering items, to name a few. I also enjoy cooking and gardening, traveling and shopping. I hope to touch on all of these things in upcoming posts. 

Today, however, I wanted to take a moment to brag because last week I was featured on the Paper Issues Blog. I was BEYOND …