December Daily 2015. Day one.

One of my favorite holiday projects is the documenting of December. Although they take a lot of time out of an already busy month, with a little prep work and some thought out pages, you can have a wonderful record of your entire month each year. This is my third DD so far.

I started with a Heidi Swapp album that I've had for a few years now. It is NOT a holiday album, so I had to think of some paper collections that would go with the pre printed pages. There are plenty of them out there worries. I decorated the cover of my DD at the end of LAST YEAR. Yes, I was prepping early! I did a little something for Christmas all year long, if you follow my You Tube channel, and I felt like it helped me a lot come December. My shopping was finished, my house was decorated, my cards are stamped, signed and addressed and a lot of my DD was prepped as well. It helps! Anyway, here is the cover.

The inside cover has a printable prompt from Pinterest. Trying saying that three times fast! There are days in December where all you did was go to Target, let's be honest. And do you really need to document that? Not really. Having a page of prompts helps you on those days when you just don't have much to document. 

So here is day one and I'll tell you up front, my tree was decorated on Halloween. Yep. I know. So even though I didn't decorate on December 1, that is what I'm choosing to document on the first day. It's really ok, try to let go of having to have things exactly on the right day and all of that. It will only stress you out. Remember, ten years from now you're not going to look back and say, "Oh, I did NOT decorate that day, I went to Target. Liar!" That's not going to happen. I promise. lol 

We always put up two trees, this one is in the family room. I have the gold Thickers for my numbers for each day, some goodies from Pink Fresh Studio and some Hobby Lobby items to help me decorate as well. 

On the back of the first tag page I've journaled about the tree and added more embellishments. Journaling is important! Try to work it in as often as possible. 

I'll be posting more DD blog posts. You can also follow me on You Tube where I have a December Daily play list and will be posting regular DD videos all through out the month!

Until later!


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