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Ahh, the planner craze. All of a sudden it's super exciting to have a planner. I've had one for years. Hasn't everyone? What's the big deal. I was having a hard time getting on board with the excitement because, as I stated, I've had a planner for years. I have a lot to keep track of, it's sort of a no brainer to have a calendar to make notes and such to keep everything straight. But suddenly they are making planners cute. Ok, well that's different. Because honestly, I just go to Staples and get the big black planner with lots of room to write in it and call it good. Until I saw the gold Heidi Swapp planner. *clears throat* Did you see how cute that was? So yes, I picked that up. I tried to get on board with decorating it but if I do that, there's no room to write my appointments and such. I still didn't get it.

Fast forward a bit....my bestie sends me the black and white planner from Heidi Swapp in a Happy Mail box. I love it! The pages are fabulous, it's trendy, it's now! There's only one thing. I already have the gold planner. It's filled in for the year. Do I stop using that one now? Do I save this one for next year? Oh wait, my bestie says....I'm sending you an Erin Coldren (Culdren Codren....I am not even sure) planner for Christmas! I'm in planner heaven but do I have that much to plan? Not really. I think. I think some more. I watch some videos. At last I'm inspired by my IG/YT buddy Nadine. I had been thinking that I would use the black and white planner for something fun and creative, not for doctor appointments and such. She said she uses her planner for videos and blogging. Well, heck, I have a You Tube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/onehappycraftychick and a blog. (YOU ARE HERE! LOL) But I also could use it to keep track of the other blog work I do for mystylestamps.blogspot.com and the You Tube challenges that I'd like to enter, the many contests at Paper Issues paperissues.blogspot.com and I'd like to start trying to get on some new design teams, maybe score some guest design spots at least. These are all things I need to keep track of and guess what? I'M GOING TO USE THE BLACK AND WHITE PLANNER FOR THAT! Oh the joy.

I've basically set up the month of September, since that's when I'm starting this planner. It's basic right now. I have a few things written in, some stickers, a few photos. I expect that it will be full of inspiration, notes, highlights and fun by the end of the month. We'll see.

I really like these little photo inserts that they provide. I like to put inspirational quotes or funny things in them.

I love that stamp in the bottom left corner and t his is the FIRST time I've used it. It dawned on my while I was filling things in that this is going to be a great way to use up stickers and utilize those stamps!

I don't have a theme or anything...just sort of decorating while still leaving room to write as much as possible.

I kind of assume these pages will fill in more as the month starts.

Well what do you know, I am ahead of schedule with the "Let's Plan It" with Jen Boumis Facebook Group challenge! That's what got me started decorating my planner for the upcoming month, so thank you Paper Issues! It's my favorite Facebook Group, by the way. Here....have another shout out!
www.paperissues.blogspot.com and from there you can go to the Paper Issues store, or go to Facebook and join their PI group.....it's addicting.

Ok, that's it! You know, I've seen different websites showing how they decorate their planners with different products but they are all layered up....actual paper flowers and pins and clips and you know darn well that the planner is not going to close. Or when they turn the page, how are they going to write on the opposite side? Those are obviously for display purposes only. Nothing against them, they are beyond gorgeous but just not practical. For me, anyway. My planner is going to end up fat enough without throwing dimensional flowers in it. I'm excited about this creative planner.

What about you? Are you into the planner craze? Leave me a comment!

Until later...
Carol Maitoza


  1. That's a lovely planner, mine is an Erin Condren and I don't really decorate, just some washi to cover the "day"/"night" divisions on each page. I agree with you... How people can write if is so bulky. I don't have time to decorate and I will get so distracted with stickers around LOL! I need only 2 bookmarks/dividers, one erasable pen and one highlighter. (Plain girl LOL) TFS!


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