Oh happy mail!

What a joy it is to receive a package in the mail from a crafty friend! Typically called Happy Mail, it's a great way to start the day!

The first package that I received was from my friend Kelly. Kelly...if you happen to be reading this and you would like me to add your You Tube link to this blog, I'm happy to do that. Just send me a text and I'll link you up. I just wasn't sure how 'out there' online you'd like to be...or not. Know what I mean? But anyway, Kelly sent me this fabulous box of books and embellies and I was THRILLED. First, she sent me a striped Heidi Swapp Planner that is just so yummy, I can't wait to use it! She also sent me a kraft Smash Book that I already have begun using for our beach excursions. She sent me a box of PL cards and embellishments, tons of gold and I'm loving that for sure. The last thing she sent was another Smash Book but this one we send back and forth. We pack it full of silliness, gifts and random thoughts and then exchange it every few months. It's one of my favorite things to work on!

Thank you my dear friend!

My second package was from Wendy and Wendy...same deal as Kelly. If you are reading this and you'd like me to link up your You Tube I'm happy to do so! Just shoot me a private message on Facebook! Wendy was watching one of my videos where I mentioned that my Cricut blade on my paper cutter was tearing up my paper. She contacted me and told me she had an extra one that she didn't need and I was all too happy to take it off her hands. So thoughtful!!!! She also included this adorable fox stamp. I'm kind of obsessed with foxes like everyone and their brother, so I really appreciated the stamp. 

Thank you Wendy, you're awesome!

Have you received Happy Mail lately? What was your favorite thing you've ever received? I would love to hear about it!

Until later~~~


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