A layout for Paper Issues, Sketchy Saturday!


I'm playing along with Paper Issues for their current link party, Sketchy Saturday. Want to play too? Of course you do...so here's the link:


Here is the sketch that they provided:

And here is my take on it:

I have to say, I'm REALLY pleased with how it turned out. You know, even two years ago I wouldn't touch a sketch but at some point it is just plain helpful. Know what I mean? I can come up with my own layouts but sometimes the inspirations slips away and it's just so convenient to have a cheat sheet. One thing that I had thought was that if you're using a sketch that your layout would be the same as everyone else's but it's just not true. If you look at the Paper Issues blog, you can see all of the different ways that people interpret the sketch and they are VERY different. Give it a try! And if you do use this sketch, play along with Paper Issues, there are prizes! Who doesn't love that? I just won something from them last week, I was thrilled!

Thanks for stopping by!


I was featured on the Paper Issues blog today! YES!!!! Thank you, Paper Issues!


  1. Great way to combine geom. and flower patterns! Congrats to Andrew!

    1. Thank you so much Rosa! And it's nice to get a comment on the blog, it gets lonely in here! lol

    2. I really like to see the close up pics of layouts, is easier to check the details compared to videos. I'm totally new to scrapbooking :). Thanks for replying

  2. Thank you for playing along with us! We love how you used the sketch!

    1. Thank YOU for having the sketches! I never used them before but now that I've started, I really like it! I thought before that using a sketch was sort of like copying someone else's work and not thinking on my own. Now, however, I see that by using a sketch you are just using the bare bones ideas but the embellishments, colors and paper make it your own. I've enjoyed playing along!


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