Purging, rearranging, reorganizing the CRAFT ROOM!


As anyone who follows me on You Tube can tell you, my craft room  has gone through a lot of changes over the last couple years. I am forever redecorating, purging, rearranging and reorganizing. And I love it! Over the past week hubby just tore out my closet and put in a new shelf and almost all of my cubes, bought more cubes, put them together, bought a few more for outside my closet...it was a PROJECT. It literally gave me anxiety but it's all good. Now. lol *whew* Care for some photos?

From this angle, not too much has changed. I did smoosh together my Cricut cartridges (on the left) to make room for some decorations and books that had to be relocated. Other than that, things are basically the same here.

Here is the view from just slightly to the left...those bears and books were on some cubes on the opposite side of the room that are now in my closet, the books were in the closet but there was no longer room. The other decorations were also on the cubes on the other side of the room. Just a little rearranging is all.

Let's see. Because of the lighting you probably can't see it but I'll post the video links at the bottom of the page so you can watch, if you'd like, the basket on the right has been purged and decorated. Yeah, you can't see it in this picture too well, sorry about that. Also the jars on the shelves have been emptied of the things I didn't use and I added other things. Things I hopefully WILL use!

You'd have to see my video of the 'before' to see what it looked like because I didn't take still photographs of that. But you can see the Recollections storage cubes that I added. Some of them were outside of my closet against the wall and others were just purchased.

I REALLY thinned out my Thicker collection and embellishments that I don't ever touch. Lots more room to grow now! I also have less cubes on that wall now. I thought at first that I would buy more to fill up that area like it was BUT I am also thinking....adorable decorative yet functional chair for guests?

See, I have room on either side of those cubes for a cutesy chair! What do you think?
Oh, and did you notice that I changed my bubble gum machine? I painted it white and put seashells inside. (Prepping for our beach move in a few years!)

A more close up view of my jars and embellies.  =)

You can see the trim basket a little better in this photo. Or not.

 Here is the left side of the closet. Cubes, cubes, cubes.....

Here is the link to my You Tube video for the first part of this project. I will link up part two as soon as it is posted online!

Part one:


  1. So Beautiful and organized with room to grow with the things you love to craft with!! Great job Carol and Hubby! -Mandi

  2. love love love your AMAZING SPACE!


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