Thursday, December 7, 2017

I'll be GNOME for Christmas!


A friend of mine, Rosemary, shared a video on Facebook of another person doing a tutorial of these cute Christmas gnomes. I went crazy! I knew that for sure this was one of those things that I was actually going to do,  not just pin to my pinterest board and admire, right? 

Here is the link to that tutorial video. It's very easy to follow. In fact, my husband and I both watched it separately and we didn't need to refer back to it while we were making them.

The next day my husband had the day off so we went to a few different dollar stores to find what we needed. The first dollar store didn't have the cones for the hats. I know in the video she said that you can use rolled card stock but we wanted to hats to be firm so we found the cones at the second store. Also, I sort of thought I'd end up going to Michael's or Joann Fabrics for the beard material because there was no way I was going to cut up felt and glue yarn on it or whatever that stuff was in the video.  I felt like that was going to take too long. Also, I didn't want a bunch of glue strings either. But guess what? In the second dollar store they had a stack of fuzzy blankets for $3.99! There were several that were fuzzy white on both sides. Score! So I bought a blanket and have TONS left over for next year because yes, I plan to make them again! The blanket was a perfect alternative, and cost effective as well. You can see the blanket in the top right hand corner of the photo below. 

I set up the table with all of our supplies:

Hubby hard at work. The cones we bought were perhaps a bit too big for our gnomes, but that was all that was available. A few gnomes in, he started cutting the cones in half to allow the hats to be floppy on top, because that's pretty cute. 

Me pouring rice into the body base. That bowl of ice water next to me?  I burned the heck out of my index finger not once but twice. It had two big blisters, swelled and was throbbing. It really put a kink into my mojo. Be careful of those hot glue guns, they aren't playing around! I was smiling and happy before that happened. lol

Our finished gnomes! We made a dozen of them and yep, it took a while for sure but it was a really fun activity for us and I have something to give away to people when I hand them their holiday cookie tray! Everybody gets a gnome!!!!

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Card fun with MFT.

Oh, MFT, how I love you! 

Today I'm sharing a few cards that I made that I'm quite happy with. I was super inspired by this die that I purchased from MFT. It's basically a circle with 'happy birthday' spelled out around the outer rim of the circle. I seriously love it! It's such a simple die, really, but the possibilities are endless. I haven't stopped playing with it but here are a couple examples. 

This first card I used a CC Designs stamp that I've had for years. I still love it. I think it's called Cookie Emma. Anyway, I wanted her to look like she was sitting inside the rim of the birthday die. 

For this next card I used the same die with a MFT birthday bear stamp set and had him standing inside of the circle, offset a bit. In each of the cards I used the center cut out as well, and popped it up with pop dots to give it a bit of dimension.

I also acquired this soda pop stamp and die set from MFT. You can make all kind of different sodas with it, and the stamp set has lots of sentiments and things that you can add to the bottles. For this card I wanted to soda to be orange crush, and I added Glossy Accents to the bottles to make them appear more like glass. 

That's it for today! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

It's my last post for The Greeting Farm!

Hello everyone!

This is my very last post for The Greeting Farm! Please indulge me for a moment and let me say what an honor and privilege it was for me to serve a year term for The Greeting Farm! TGF has been one of my all time favorite stamp companies for YEARS so to be able to be on the DT was a dream. The other design team members were great to work with, along with the DT coordinators....they all literally rock! And Marie, thank you for making the cutest stamps ever and allowing me to be a part of it for 2017! I appreciate it more than you can ever know! I want to show you some things I've made over the past month. As you know, November has been all about planner stamps so here is another planner page that I made using "Hello Gorgeous".

My next planner page was made using the stamp set called "Tiny Plans".

And that's a wrap! Thank you again to all of the supportive people who cheered me on throughout the year, and to The Greeting Farm! It's been a great ride!

All my best,
Carol Maitoza

A man and his bear.

Hello everyone!

First off, SmartyPantsKidz...please resend your follow request to IG. I didn't know who you were. I cut my IG down to literally like 30 people and if you're trying to follow me on IG, send me a note with your request because a lot of people have different names on their social media and I'm not matching them all up. So then I delete requests that I wish I hadn't but it's only because I'm not sure who you are. Sorry Carla, please resend!

Now for today's post. Every year around Christmas time, my husband starts bringing in totes and bags and boxes from the garage filled with decorations so that I can start filling the house with joy. lol And every year, he finds that bag with his childhood teddy bear in it. It has never been displayed, and you'll see why in the first photo. It was awful. Keep in mind this belonged to a boy, they are a bit harder on their toys than girls in general, and also this thing is 47 years old. Still, every year he mentions that it means a lot to him to keep it and he wishes it could be refurbished. I get it. My ex has my childhood stuffed animals. Why he felt the need to unpack them when we divorced, I'll never know. I do wish I had them though so I understand. I always thought one day I'd look for someone online who refurbishes teddy bears. This year I looked, to no avail.

However, I DID find directions online on how to do it myself. I was a little nervous because the last thing I wanted to do is mess up my husband's childhood teddy bear. I ran it past him first, in case he didn't love the idea. He said I could try. Ok then.....being without You Tube now, I definitely have more spare time so I took it on as a project.

Here's what I started with. Forty seven years of dirt. One eye, one partial eye. One third of the mouth and a shredded nose. Holes. An odd smell. Filling that was not fluffy or snuggly. I had my work cut out for me, for sure.

The first thing I did was find a seam at his neck and slit it open. The filling was very strange. I at first thought that mice had made a nest in there. There were a lot of those white balls, all different sizes, and then just tons of shredded paper, threads and fuzz. It looked like a mouse nest. It was not comfy or snuggly and sounded odd when you squeezed him. All of that had to go. It took FOREVER. Those little white balls, whatever they are, really cling and fly, what a mess.

Then I had a deflated, filthy carcass, basically. lol It was time for a bath. I didn't want to ruin the fur so I hand washed him in the sink with a gentle cleanser and also spray and wash. I washed him for what had to be an hour, until the water ran clear instead of brown. I wasn't able to get all of the stains out but it didn't gross me out to touch him any longer, and he looked a lot fresher and a whole different color. I was satisfied.

Apparently I stopped taking photos at that point. After I washed him, I blow dried his fur because it looked very matted. I took a comb and carefully fluffed him up and combed him until the fur resembled fur again. That fur was all over the house but I was determined. I hung him to dry the rest of the way out for about three days. 

Next I mended his holes and stuffed him with a nice, fluffy stuffing that we purchased at Michael's. He's WAY more comfy now. I also picked up eyes, red felt and a bag of dark pom poms. I used a glue gun to attach his new dyes and stitched on his new nose. The new nose was WAY bigger, and I felt like it fit his face better. The new eyes made him appear more masculine. He now has a completely different mouth. He had a felt smile to begin with but it was a different shape. I just cut out a tongue shape and glued it to his face. I like it much better than his original mouth. Well, what I could see of it. 

So let's see, mended, washed, dried, new face and some Febreze and he was done. In all it took about six hours of work. Labor of love though, let me tell you. Here's a photo of hubby when I brought it up to him when it was completed.

 Well, what do you guys think?

 Thanks for stopping by!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Layout Mania


So my last project for The Greeting Farm will be posted in a few days, and I deleted my You Tube channel. Now I'm blog or not to blog. I have to say, I'm not big on blogging. There's not a lot of feedback or interaction with it so it's almost like a diary at this point, although I no longer put 'personal' things on my blog. At this point I think I'm going to keep it up and just blog when I'd like. A lot of design teams require that you have a blog, even for guest spots, so deleting it would remove my chances in the future of doing some design work for companies. I already deleted my You Tube channel so I think probably I'll leave my blog up, for now.

As I said, my last GF project is this month and sadly, I didn't make the 2018 team. That took the wind out of my sails, I have to admit. I'm trying to keep it positive, though. At first I did take it personally but there are so many reasons why someone else is picked over you so I decided to just get over it. I really have gotten a LOT of projects done just for myself (and friends) so it has freed up my time so that's a positive for sure. And my time on GF was amazing. The best team I've ever been on, hands down. So there's that.

Today I'm just going to share some 12 x 12 layouts that I've made but not posted. If you have any questions about them, just ask in the comment section down below and I'll try to get them answered for you. Thanks for stopping by!

Carol  =)

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November BLOG HOP for The Greeting Farm!

It’s the 15th, and that means RELEASE DAY for the new November stamp sets!  We have been previewing the new sets over the past few days and now they are available to purchase at the shop! 

 To celebrate, we are having a BLOG HOP, where one lucky fan will win these sets for their very own! Yay!

Be sure to leave a comment on each designer’s blog,  then head back to The Greeting Farm Blog to let us know that you completed the hop. You have until November 18th at 12pm CST to leave your comments. We will announce the random winner later in the week!

Have fun!

For my project I used "Feels" to make this fun December layout for my planner! Check it out!

Our wonderful design team!!!!   CAROL (You're already here!)           JESSIE     THE GREETING FARM BLOG

Monday, November 13, 2017

Preview for The Greeting Farm! "Feels"

Hello everyone!

It's time for the November sneak peeks for the products that are about to be released on the 15th!

The first thing that I want to show you is a stamp set called FEELS! It's a super cute set of clear stamps that show a wide range of emotions on the characters, along with various word stamps that coordinate and of course coordinating metal cutting dies as well! I made some planner clips with them, I've never tried that before and I like to try new things. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Go to:

on the 15th to pick up your FEELS set!

Happy crafting!
Carol Maitoza